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Glass doors

Glass doors are a modern solution for any interior. Glass doors are lightweight, transparent, and can be easily installed in residential buildings, trade centers, offices, hospitals and other places.
Doors are used not only as doors to a room, but are also provided for a wardrobe, a shower cabin, a balcony and everything else that requires a door.
We offer different types of glass doors:
  • Hanging
  • Movable
  • Opening to one side
  • Opening to two sides
In addition to their beautiful appearance, glass doors also have another important feature: they are waterproof and water-resistant, unlike laminate or metal doors.
Glass doors are made of specially tempered glass, which undergoes a double heat treatment, as a result of which the glass becomes very durable: it is difficult to break, and, when broken, turns into large glass fragments, and not into sharp crumbs.
Glass doors are not only convenient for the beautiful interior of apartments, but also have practical value.
Nowadays, many companies separate offices from each other with glass partitions.