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Glass partitions

In order to use space more efficiently, nowadays glass partitions are used. Glass partitions are most often used in residential areas. These structures are perfect in terms of design and safety, as they are made of safety tempered glass.
Fixed partitions form a fixed wall. They are used to divide rooms into sections. This is the perfect way when you want to actually and visually expand one room at the expense of another, or to combine and separate the living room and kitchen, which is also an ideal option for holding the room free from sounds and smells.
If the partition is made of tinted or opaque glass, it also creates a barrier for visual images, which can be an obstacle to the penetration of light from another room into this one.
We manufacture glass partitions in various sizes and styles. Our experienced professionals advise, design and install partitions in offices, shopping centers, residential premises and other places.
There are three main types of glass partitions:
1. All-glass
2. Folding
3. Sliding
Glass Movable Partition
The advantages of using movable partitions are:
•    Affordable and trendy interior design option.
•    Makes the space multifunctional.
•    Quickly and quietly changes the geometry of the room.
•    Differs in simplicity and ease of installation, as well as the possibility of further dismantling.
•    Has a compact size.
Glass folding windows are a unique option for modern interiors. They allow you to effectively use the room and give a special style.