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Aluminum door և windows

Today, it is very common all over the world to install aluminum doors and windows. It is not only in a new style, but also convenient to use. Aluminum doors and windows meet all international quality and hygiene standards, which makes it possible to use them for various premises.
They have many benefits, including:                            
•    Attractive Appearance 
Aluminum doors and windows are in high demand, mainly due to their attractive designs. No need to paint them, they always have a neat and pleasant appearance.    
•    High Quality 
Aluminum doors and windows are made from high quality materials. Thanks to the high quality, windows and doors retain their original appearance for a long time.
•    Reliability 
Due to the multi-layer complex structure, windows and doors are of excellent quality; they do not crack, bend, break, or absorb moisture. This ensures that your apartment is completely protected from negative environmental influences.    
•    Soundproofing 
    Aluminum windows and doors provide good soundproofing of the room. Having installed metal-plastic windows, you will no longer be disturbed by noisy sounds penetrating from the outside either at your home or in your office. This is especially true if the house is located in the city center, where the traffic is greater.
•    Thermal Insulation 
    The installation of aluminum windows and doors provides excellent thermal insulation thanks to double or triple chambers. Plain glass also has similar properties, but in incomparably small quantities.
•    Variety of Configurations
    Modern technologies make it possible to install windows and doors of various shapes and sizes, taking into account the properties of a given room. They can be a good addition to any original interior.
Aluminum windows are also known for their long-term storage. Aluminum does not rust or rot, making it the most durable and easy to store material. Aluminum is a fantastic material for anyone interested in energy efficient, long lasting and quality windows and doors.
Today, many consumers are replacing their windows and doors with aluminum “thermo” doors and windows.
Together with the thermal insulation tape, the temperature of the inner surface of the profile approaches the internal temperature, which reduces the possibility of closed moisture condensing by oversaturation on the surface of the profile.
In winter, using thermal insulation tape, the window frame can reduce heat loss around the window by 1/3. In summer, if there is air conditioning, the window frame can further reduce the loss of energy using thermal insulation tape.