1What do you calculate
Profile type
Profile color
Glass package
Glass color
Untimosquito grid
Hard lock
3Window parameters
  • mm
  • mm
  • mm
  • mm
3Door parameters
  • mm
  • mm
  • mm
  • mm
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Products and services

ALTECH company is engaged in the production and installation of windows and glass doors for apartments, private houses, offices. 
•    Manufacturing and installation of metal-plastic doors, windows
•    Manufacturing and installation of aluminum doors, windows, facades
•    Manufacturing and installation of glass shower cabins, doors, railings
•    Manufacturing and installation of shutters (blinds)
•    Glazing of the external facade
•    Alucobond
•    Outdoor advertising
Using the services of the ALTECH company has a number of advantages:
✔️ professional and highly qualified specialists work,
✔️ high quality products and preservation of quality properties for many years,
✔️ stylish and sophisticated solutions,
✔️ measurement and installation – FREE OF CHARGE.