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Glass floors

Glass floors
Glass floors can decorate any room. Glass floors are in great demand in the design of entertainment venues, shopping malls, as well as residential areas.
Glass floors are also made of extremely durable, safe glass that can withstand heavy loads. The glass is placed on a special frame made of durable metal.
In appearance, the glass floor looks fragile and unreliable. In fact, it is not, as tempered glass is a very durable material. You can not worry that it will break.
Transparent floors are characterized by excellent sound-absorbing properties և electrical insulation. They do not lose their attractiveness for a long time և can be used in any room. Quality glass flooring does not lose its attractive appearance for decades.
Such surfaces do not promote the reproduction of bacteria, so they are considered hygienic.
The main types of transparent floors.
Depending on the design features, glass floors can be divided into several types.
• Glass "window".
• Glass "floor".
• Glass combination.
• The "path" of glass.
Each species has its own characteristics. For example, the window sill is a joint of different sizes և is considered the most common. These types of floors are installed in two-story apartments, in modern shopping centers. It is equipped with decorative elements to make the cover look beautiful.
The glass "field" is like a platform consisting of panels. Using this coating, you can cover a certain part of the surface or the whole floor. The "field" is usually used to expand the interior in public places. Such a transparent floor is suitable for other types of rooms as well.